Teaching Portfolio

  • · Simple to set up
  • · Easy to use
  • · Entirely web-based
  • · Organize standards
  • · Organize reflections
  • · Organize artifacts
  • · Many print options


Help and FAQ



This thing looks like it's free. What's the catch?
The catch is right here, you found it. I initially created this site for my lovely wife since there is very little assistance on the web for Teaching Portfolios. After some research I realized there is a lot of data that needs to be entered and organized in an easy fashion. Viola, this site was born.

Then I thought, "Why not open it up to the whole world?" So, here it is living on it's own domain and everything.

BUT, that doesn't mean we won't accept donations to keep the server running. Use the little Make a Donation link on the left if you'd like. :)
What browsers are supported by MyTeachingPortfolio?
So far Firefox 3+, IE 7+ and Safari have been tested.
I like it. Is there an easy way to share it with others?
Sure is. Use the referral form. The person you choose will be sent a link to the site on your behalf, along with a short note from you and an explanation of why they're getting an email from this site.
I need help getting started. Do you have anything for that?
Yup, we sure do have something to help you get started. Check out our Getting Started Guide!
I like examples. Where are those?
There are some examples here. You can also get to there through the References link on the left.


Do you have a template for my portfolio?
Yes, there is a very basic portfolio template. After you enter some data into your portfolio you can generate your portfolio from the main page.

Return to the main page and click on Generate Portfolio. This will create a portfolio for you in PDF format for you to download. Go to the My Portfolios link under the Navigation menu and you will see your newly created portfolio! Click on the Download icon to save it to your computer.