Teaching Portfolio

  • · Simple to set up
  • · Easy to use
  • · Entirely web-based
  • · Organize standards
  • · Organize reflections
  • · Organize artifacts
  • · Many print options


Getting Started

  • Sign Up
  • You can sign up here. Just fill out a little information about yourself to create the account and you're set.
  • Create Your Portfolio
  • After you're signed up, you can dive right in and start entering data for each Standard and Criteria. Just click on the Standard description on the Main page, and then choose a Criteria. Fill out the form for each Cirteria and you're on your way. You can also add any applicable attachments to each Criteria as you go. The attachments are listed at the bottom of the Criteria page.

    If you would like to export a single criteria, you can do so by clicking on the Export icon () at the top page.

    You can also copy an entire artifact to another Standard/Criteria by clicking on the Copy icon () at the top of the page. When you click on this icon a box will pop up asking you which Standard/Criteria you would like to copy it to. Any attachments will also be copied to the destination artifact. WARNING: if you choose to copy an Artifact to an already existing artifact, the destination artifact will be overwritten.

    If you don't like a particular artifact and would like to start over you can click on the Delete icon () at the top of the Artifact page and that will clear out all of the information you have entered and give you a fresh start.

    Your progress will be shown on the front page so you always know what you have left to do! If you need some examples for each criteria you can check out the References page.
  • Export and download!
  • After you're satisfied with your portfolio and everything is complete, click on the Export link on the criteria page, or at the top of the Main page above the list. You will be asked to give a short description and choose whether or not you would like to include attachments. After you click submit your entire Teaching Portfolio will be converted into a PDF file and zipped for you to download.

    You can download any of your exports in the Exports area in the Navigation panel on the left. This page lists all of the Exports you have created. The most recent Export is at the top. Click on the download icon and you can download it to your computer for printing. If you have an export you no longer need you can delete it using hte delete icon.

    You can honestly download it at any time you'd like, but this would be the last step in creating the portfolio. :)